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Tramp defaults (was: Changes for emacs 28)

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Tramp defaults (was: Changes for emacs 28)
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 11:17:50 +0200
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Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@gmail.com> writes:


> I do think that the existing Emacs defaults are a good starting point
> for a new user with unknown workflows. They are generic enough to tweak
> Emacs in any possible direction. However, I believe that it would be a
> good option to have several sets of defaults, which would better fit
> some common use-cases, like programming, note-taking, tramp, git, etc.
> Then, the existing defaults will represent "Generic" use-case, but a new
> user (who may or may not have programming background) might easily
> select other set of defaults, which is more suitable for the user's
> background and expected use-cases.

It has been mentioned several times in the past that there shall be
better (or other) Tramp defaults. But I haven't seen proposals.

For sure I'm biased, but I believe the current Tramp defaults are suited
for the majority of users. Could people pls tell me where I'm wrong with
this? What other Tramp defaults are better?

And promised, I'm willing to accept proper changes.

> 5. Similar guided tours may be created for most popular Emacs features:
>    - working with source code
>    - org-mode
>    - version-control and collaboration
>    - remote file access
>    - mail
>    Those tours might also offer some initial customisation, so that the
>    user may disable/enable some features which are not relevant to
>    his/her workflow.
>    The guides should be easily accessible from menu.

Hard to do. Remote file access is different for everybody, because
everybody uses another remote host. I'm lacking on ideas what such a
guided tour for remote access shall show (except the simple
recommendation "write /ssh:user@host:/path/to/file instead of /path/to/file").

Proposals welcome!

> Best,
> Ihor

Best regards, Michael.

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