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26.1: org speed-mode help unhelpfulness

From: Boruch Baum
Subject: 26.1: org speed-mode help unhelpfulness
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 15:02:25 -0400
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Org mode includes a helpful speed-mode in that when point is on the
first character of an org-mode heading one can perform many org-mode
functions with a single key-press. One of those helpful key-presses is
'?' which display a list of available commands.

For me, two of the entries in that help buffer have non-intuitive undo
methods, so I'd like to suggest that those lines be modified to
include that information.

1) s   org-narrow-to-subtree

   I was expecting that there would either be another speed-key to
   widen a narrowed sub-tree, or that 's' would toggle the state back.
   The only way I've found to restore the widened view is to use the
   normal 'M-x widen' (C-x n w).

2) =   org-columns

   This feature can be undone with a speed-key key-press of 'q', which
   is documented somewhere, but if the mode's entry is in the help
   buffer, the exit should also be there.

So, my suggestion amounts to changing:

8< -------------------------- >8
s   org-narrow-to-subtree
=   org-columns
8< -------------------------- >8

to something like:

8< -------------------------- >8
s   org-narrow-to-subtree (widen: M-x widen)
=   org-columns  (exit the minor mode: 'q')
8< -------------------------- >8

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