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RE: Modernize frame-title-format: "%b - GNU Emacs"

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Modernize frame-title-format: "%b - GNU Emacs"
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 13:01:23 -0700 (PDT)

> > The question is: Which specific info is most
> > important to show in the frame title, for most
> > users, most of the time?
> >
> > In general, I think that the info in the `mode-line'
> > is also good for the frame title.
> >
> > Not that we would necessarily show all such info,
> > or show it in the same way (e.g. same left-to-right
> > order).  But such info is generally important and
> > serves to identify what the frame is about (the
> > current state of its content).
> The modeline is for the buffer it belongs to. The frame title shall show
> more general information. This could be the host name the current buffer
> is remote on, but not more.

Why not more?  We already show the buffer name in the
frame title.  That's more than just the host name.

> And it might change, if you're switching between buffers. 

That can be viewed as a plus, not a minus.  The frame
title tells you what you're currently doing/using.

And that's what we already do by default: the name
of the buffer of the selected frame is in the frame
title, by default, when you have more than one frame.

> There isn't such a thing like "the" remote host
> Emacs is connected to via Tramp.

Right.  And?  A given frame would tell you which
remote host was used for the buffer in the selected
window, if that info's included in the frame title.

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