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Re: Emba/Gitlab tests

From: Daniel Martín
Subject: Re: Emba/Gitlab tests
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 10:52:59 +0200
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Alan Third <alan@idiocy.org> writes:

> I was looking at the tests running on emba.gnu.org and had the idea that it
> might make sense to add a simple build job to build against GNUstep
> when any of the NS files are modified.
> I don't think it would be worth running the test suite against it, but
> it would still be potentially useful to know that the GNUstep build
> isn't completely broken.
> Does that sound OK, or are there any concerns about running too many
> jobs?

Makes sense. The earlier that compilation problems in the GNUstep build
are detected, the better. I suppose the number of patches changing
something in GNUstep is small compared to the rest of changes, so the
impact on the number of running jobs should be small, but I don't have
numbers to back this up.

Daniel Martín

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