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Re: Modernize frame-title-format: "%b - GNU Emacs"

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Modernize frame-title-format: "%b - GNU Emacs"
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 04:00:36 -0400

   > Those loose information about where you are running Emacs; which is a
   > useful thing when you have multiple Emacsen open on several hosts.

   OTOH, you will still be able to easily customize frame-title-format
   yourself.  You could also use:

       alias emacs="emacs --title emacs@`hostname`"

That assumes that you put this alias on every single host you might
want to ever connect to.

   The question here is what is a reasonable default for most users.
   I suspect that most users only ever run Emacs on one machine.

My experience says otherwise.

The title bar should give useful information, not just be "pretty".
There is enough space in the title bar to keep the system-name.  E.g,

   "buffer-name - GNU Emacs (system-name)"

The hyphen, en dash, could maybe be an asterix if the buffer is

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