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Re: [PROBLEM] The commit "e1f09607e0" caused org-mode inline image previ

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: [PROBLEM] The commit "e1f09607e0" caused org-mode inline image preview try to convert PDF file link
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 15:03:13 +0200
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"numbchild@gmail.com" <numbchild@gmail.com> writes:

> The commit "e1f09607e0" caused this problem. I confirmed by git
> checkout a commit before it. And re-eval source code, then the problem
> is gone. This is because the commit added
> ~image-converter-file-name-extensions~ in image-convert.el library
> which includes "pdf" file extension. It uses command "gs" to convert
> pdf to image which use 100% of CPU.

I think image-converter.el should have a list of types that it shouldn't
attempt to convert, even if the backend says that it can.  PDF/PS are
obvious things -- they aren't images, but imagemagick will offer to
display them anyway.

I'll add that to Emacs 28.

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