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test failures

From: Stephen Berman
Subject: test failures
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020 22:23:05 +0200
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I just built current master (at commit 348686b3f3) and then ran make
check (for the first time in a long time), and this is the result:

Files examined: 298
Ran 4216 tests, 4148 results as expected, 20 unexpected, 48 skipped
3 files contained unexpected results:

Here are the tests that unexpectedly failed:

Ran 45 tests, 28 results as expected, 14 unexpected, 3 skipped (2020-08-21 
21:40:33+0200, 2.127913 sec)

14 unexpected results:
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defgeneric-co-located-default
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defgeneric-el
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defgeneric-implicit-generic
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defgeneric-no-default
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defgeneric-no-methods
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defgeneric-separate-default
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-define-overload-co-located-default
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-define-overload-no-default
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-define-overload-no-methods
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-define-overload-separate-default
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defun-defvar-el
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defun-el
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-defvar-el
   FAILED  xref-elisp-test-find-defs-feature-el

Ran 19 tests, 14 results as expected, 5 unexpected (2020-08-21 21:39:58+0200, 
0.689917 sec)

5 unexpected results:
   FAILED  help-fns-test-alias-to-defun
   FAILED  help-fns-test-bug23887
   FAILED  help-fns-test-lisp-defsubst
   FAILED  help-fns-test-lisp-defun
   FAILED  help-fns-test-lisp-macro

Ran 17 tests, 16 results as expected, 1 unexpected (2020-08-21 21:39:05+0200, 
0.073067 sec)

1 unexpected results:
   FAILED  cl-generic-tests--method-files--finds-methods

Are these known failures, or did something go wrong with my build, or
would perhaps make bootstrap eliminate the failures?

Steve Berman

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