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Re: vertical fido-mode

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: vertical fido-mode
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2020 03:35:57 +0300
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>>Or show vertical completions in the *Completions* buffer and use the
>>current icomplete keys to navigate the *Completions* list from the minibuffer.
> Coming back to this thread, I just made this very simple patch
> (attached) to provide a sort of "zsh" like experience in the
> *Completion* buffer.
> If you are interested, you can try it and I will be very happy with any
> suggestions and critics if you thing this can be added to master in the
> future.

Thanks, some suggestions below.

> It basically adds:
> 1) enforces navigation throw completion candidates (no go to header or
> random useless places in *completion* buffer).
> 2) Current candidate highlight with the 'highlight face.
> 3) Second tab in minibuffer with completion shown and all candidates
> visible (no need scroll) jump to *Completions* buffer (similar to zsh).

But zsh doesn't jump to completions - the cursor remains on the command line
(the minibuffer in Emacs).  Something like this would be more preferable
where navigation keys will insert completions from the *Completions* buffer
to the minibuffer - without leaving the minibuffer.

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