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Re: On elisp running native - Update 11

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: On elisp running native - Update 11
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2020 07:13:56 +0200
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Andrea Corallo via "Emacs development discussions."
<emacs-devel@gnu.org> writes:

> Hi all,
> I've pushed the branch reorganizing the layout of the .eln files and the
> load and compilation triggering mechanism.
> Works for me, hope it does not introduce too much breakage.
> I tried to summarize how it works now on my usual dev log page
> http://akrl.sdf.org/gccemacs.html
Hi Andrea;

Thanks for great work, native compiler is really awesome and works for
the most part great, have being using it since you posted first update
and it works for the most part really well. I have noticed really big
difference since few weeks ago when I compiled both Emacs and elpa
folder to native.

I have some questions about this last update:

"Deferred compilation is now enabled by default, therefore is not
anymore necessary to set comp-deferred-compilation manually."

Can I still compile everything to native "up-front", without need to
wait for deffered compilation to kick in? It does not take so much time
for me to do it, so I prefer to do it all in advance.

"When a .elc file is being loaded if a suitable .eln file is found in
one of the eln-cache directories this is loaded instead. Otherwise the
file is compiled asyncronously and its definitions are swapped once
finished with that.

I've removed .eln from load-suffixes as loading native code is not
supposed to be manually done by the user. This has also the positive
side effect to reduce the number of files we search for while performing
a load."

> Also having now some more infrastructure on how and where to place .eln
> files should be easier to tackle the advised primitives topic for which
> I plan to generate some code.

Will there ever be possible for emacs to check if natively compiled file
is older then .el (source file) and do compilation (el->elc->eln)
automatically so we don't have to waste disk space and keep around .elc
files? Or did I missunderstand how is is supposed to work?

I would really prefer to see .eln as "equal" to .elc; and as there is
a 'some-file.el' and 'some-file.elc' to see 'some-file.eln' and .eln to
replace .elc as compiled .el file.

> Thanks!
Thank you for the great work! 

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