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Re: GNU Emacs raison d'etre

From: Clive Tovero
Subject: Re: GNU Emacs raison d'etre
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2020 13:11:33 -0400
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Personally, I side with the approach of Emacs rather than Blender. I've been using Emacs since 1985 on TOPS-20. I'm working on a set of extensions to Emacs do do 3D modeling without the cockpit-like interface of Blender. I use "Emacs" in the general sense, and include MIT-Scheme's Edwin, Dylan's Deuce, CL's Portable Hemlock, or QEmacs by Fabrice Bellard as candidates for my system. Someone did a video editing app on Emacs a number of years ago (looks like it might be abandoned, but waiting):


My summary from a private message to RMS yesterday (he keeps asking me to volunteer for GNU, and I am trying to do that):

> My project is adding extensions to Emacs to provide the functionality that the free software program Blender provides--but without the GUI and using code. Blender is a program to model, animate, edit, and produce CG movies. The models can be used for 3D printing. It is very popular, and nice, but its interface looks like the cockpit of a 747. I get lost among the widgets. OpenSCAD is another similar project, without a GUI--but has its own modeling language.

> My software provides 3D model functional graphical modeling, a relatively new technique to express geometry with the potential expressiveness of the lambda calculus. Models in my software are specified in Lisp (most dialects could be used), a very natural language for the domain. Previous work:

> https://common-lisp.net/project/tovero/
> https://common-lisp.net/project/clive

> I've made quite a bit of progress in the past two years (mostly unpublished).

> I have written a demo viewer in Guile running under Emacs with Geiser to show more proof of concept:

> https://gitlab.com/kavalogic-inc/inspekt3d

> Again, I would like to work with GNU on this, and I'm still open to it, but I just haven't been able connect for some reason.

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