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Re: Setting up language servers for Eglot

From: Paul Michael Reilly
Subject: Re: Setting up language servers for Eglot
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2020 11:05:35 -0400

As I told you offline I am quite busy at the moment to help you with this directly.

No problem, I posted to emacs-devel so someone who might not be as busy might comment. Chilling out doesn't work so well for me. :-)

But if you look at Eglot's homepage you'll see that you need an entry in `eglot-server-programs` variable. 
That entry should associate a major mode with a program (the executable).  So you need a `kotlin-mode`
major mode.  Emacs doesn't come with one but you can probably get one somewhere.  Also, earlier I
linked to an issue describing how someone got Eglot working with Kotlin using this simple technique. 
Maybe searching Eglot's bug tracker for "Kotlin" will bring you to that issue.

I do use a Kotlin mode from ELPA/MELPA so Eglot did try to execute the Kotlin language server. Of course it did not find it because I had not installed it. I now understand an issue to be a documentation issue in that Eglot needs text via the README.md file to  address missing modes and server setup.  I'll check the Eglot bug tracker and then post an appropriate PR incorporating any feedback I see in this thread.

fwiw, once installed, the server dies after being started by Eglot. I'll flail at this problem and gladly accept suggestions to expedite a solution.


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