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Re: Default emacs init file location confusion

From: Elias Mårtenson
Subject: Re: Default emacs init file location confusion
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 18:13:57 +0800

On Wed, 8 Jan 2020 at 18:06, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
> I agree about the pop ups, but the prompt would only be if
> ~/.config/emacs existed, not ~/.config, so deleting it would stop the
> prompt.

The same people who won't know they should delete .emacs.d will also fail to know about deleting .config/emacs.

This part of the discussion only applies if my prompt proposal i adopted. In this case, the user would know because they literally just saw a prompt on the screen, explaining what happened and how to deal with it. Perhaps something like this:

    Both ~/.emacs.d and ~/.config/emacs exists. Please select which one to load the configuration from.
    NOTE: To avoid this question in the future, please delete or rename the directory you don't want to use.
        Type ‘e’ or ‘c’ to select: XXX

Now, you have already expressed disagreement with this proposal, so I'm not going to push it further. However, I do hope this clearly clarifies my proposal.


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