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RE: Using incremental parsing in Emacs

From: HaiJun Zhang
Subject: RE: Using incremental parsing in Emacs
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 11:46:59 +0800

在 2020年1月4日 +0800 AM6:30,arthur miller <address@hidden>,写道:
When it comes to tree-sitter which you linked to, I didn't understand from their website how they deal with compile time dependencies and various configuration options that are usually passed via configure & co.

Various lsp implementations like ycmd and lsp-mode can use "compile database" produced by tools like bear, compiledb and similar. As I see on teee-sitter they only speak about language grammars. I have though only read their website tonight after you posted your mail.

Yes, grammars only. It is enough for font-lock, indention and imenu to use. And it is much more powerfull than the current regexp- and syntax-pps-based one. 
What you ask for needs much more work to implement. And you need to setup a project before editing a file.

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