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Re: cc-mode Objective C method names

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: cc-mode Objective C method names
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2020 10:29:42 -0500
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> And I think the methods’ names should be written something like:
> -[ClassName doSomething]
> -[ClassName doSomethingTo:with:]

These names look very odd to me (as a non-ObjC coder, I find the
brackets rather ugly and useless for example), but if they're the
"normal" way to refer to them, then I guess it's fine.

> The ‘-’ means it’s an instance method and a ‘+’ would mean it was a
> class method.

Might be best not to include it: how often do you have both a class
method and an instance method with the same name?
[ E.g. in Elisp we use the function names and variable names as is,
  without clarifying if it's a function name or a variable name.  ]

> It appears to work for me, but I’m not great at Emacs lisp so I
> thought it best to run this by the mailing list in case I’ve made any
> boneheaded errors.

This is the code of the other Alan and I'm not very familiar with this
part of CC-mode, so don't take my opinion too seriously, but it looks
acceptable to me.

> +                        (if (looking-at "(")
> +                            (c-forward-token-2 2 t)
> +                          (c-forward-token-2 1 t))

                           (c-forward-token-2 (if (looking-at "(") 2 1) t)

-- Stefan

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