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Re: Declaring cl.el obsolete

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Declaring cl.el obsolete
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 12:55:08 -0400
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>> > cl-lib was released 6 years ago...
>> > everything it offers is provided by cl-lib or lexical-binding.
> Maybe.  When those are available, which they're
> not for some older releases.  And not everything:
> aliases to names without `cl-' are missing.

Not sure how that's relevant: I'm not suggesting to drop 'cl' yet.

>> Regarding (2), I pointed out that I don't foresee `cl` disappearing
>> completely any time soon.  Instead, it will likely move to GNU ELPA
>> when we finally remove it from Emacs.
> 1. Some code will continue to use `cl.el', at least
>    for compatibility with both older and newer Emacs
>    versions.

That's addressed by my point (2) above.

>    They are aliased in `cl.el' (see #1).  Without
>    supporting the aliases, code that's compatible
>    with older releases can't use the aliases, and it
>    also can't use the `cl-' versions, which don't
>    exist.

Again, you can still use 'cl', nothing's changed in this respect.

> 3. Moving `cl.el' to GNU ELPA doesn't help its use
>    by older Emacs versions that don't support
>    package.el.

These come with 'cl' built-in, so they don't need any GNU ELPA package.


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