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Re: automated build system

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: automated build system
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2023 15:33:07 +0100
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biomes_ahead0k--- via Emacs-build-automation
<emacs-build-automation@gnu.org> writes:

> Hello.

Hi John,

> Do you need any help with automated builds? I know a bit about Jenkins
> pipelines. I maintain 20 or so at my day job. My pipelines have done
> thousands of builds and deployments. I run Jenkins at home on a Linux
> system and use it to build emacs, too. These pipeline jobs run on
> Linux systems. I could volunteer some time and/or hardware to help
> with automated builds of emacs.

Thanks a lot for your kind offer. We use build automation of Emacs for
CI/CD systems, running automated tests. The two systems are
hydra.nixos.org and emba.gnu.org, read the files admin/notes/hydra and
admin/notes/emba in the Emacs source tree about.

hydra is unmaintained since a while, jobs are broken there since October
last year.

emba is "under maintained", that means I'm the only one left who keeps
it running. It is based on Gitlab, so kind of experience with that would

There were also discussions to move to another system (SourceHut, for
example), but this didn't happen.

So yes, any help in this area would be more than welcome!

> Regards,
> John

Best regards, Michael.

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