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Processed: control-msg

From: GNU bug tracker automated control server
Subject: Processed: control-msg
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 19:01:03 -0400

Processing commands for control@debbugs.gnu.org:

> # done with 5c131aff691fa1cb0fafe71b5f2795902ae056a7
> close 55819
bug#55819: [PATCH 0/2] gnu: Add f3d.
bug closed, send any further explanations to
55819@debbugs.gnu.org and "Paul A. Patience" <paul@apatience.com>

> # control fail?
> close 45449
bug#45449: [PATCH] Adds python-serial
bug closed, send any further explanations to
45449@debbugs.gnu.org and rdes <rdes@protonmail.com>

> # no longer relevant
> close 33078
bug#33078: wpa-supplicant service API change leads to breakage
bug closed, send any further explanations to
33078@debbugs.gnu.org and Mark H Weaver <mhw@netris.org>

> # tags
> tags 62551 patch
Bug #62551 [guix-patches] Added new transformation option: --with-configure-flag
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 62503 patch
Bug #62503 {Done: Nicolas Goaziou <mail@nicolasgoaziou.fr>} [guix-patches] 
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 62461 patch
Bug #62461 [guix-patches] Additional ssh configuration options. 
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 62443 patch
Bug #62443 [guix-patches] LLaMA.cpp
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 62428 patch
Bug #62428 [guix-patches] gnu: Add r-anota2seq, r-hybridmtest, r-apalyzer, 
r-org-sc-sgd-db, r-apcomplex, r-mdqc, , r-parody, r-arraymvout, r-arrayquality, 
r-beaddatapackr, r-beadarray, r-arrayqualitymetrics, r-repmis, r-setrng..
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 61226 patch
Bug #61226 [guix-patches] Decouple w3m from xdg-utils test suite
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 59893 patch
Bug #59893 [guix-patches] Add Starship prompt
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 59852 patch
Bug #59852 [guix-patches] LXI protocol
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 49451 patch
Bug #49451 [guix-patches] Adding package aparte (rust XMPP TUI client)
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 49207 patch
Bug #49207 [guix-patches] gnu: Add python-iris. (scitools)
Added tag(s) patch.
> tags 44258 patch
Bug #44258 [guix-patches] Add Network UPS Tools
Added tag(s) patch.
> quit
Stopping processing here.

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