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bug#61940: closed (29.0.60; Occasional crash when moving point continous

From: GNU bug Tracking System
Subject: bug#61940: closed (29.0.60; Occasional crash when moving point continously with visual line numbers)
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 15:01:01 +0000

Your message dated Wed, 08 Mar 2023 16:59:59 +0200
with message-id <83fsaf47bk.fsf@gnu.org>
and subject line Re: bug#61940: 29.0.60; Occasional crash when moving point 
continously with visual line numbers
has caused the debbugs.gnu.org bug report #61940,
regarding 29.0.60; Occasional crash when moving point continously with visual 
line numbers
to be marked as done.

(If you believe you have received this mail in error, please contact

61940: https://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=61940
GNU Bug Tracking System
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--- Begin Message --- Subject: 29.0.60; Occasional crash when moving point continously with visual line numbers Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 13:08:42 +0000 (2 hours, 47 minutes, 40 seconds ago)
[[PGP Signed Part:Undecided]]
I've recently (within the last week) noticed that Emacs will crash
when I'm scrolling, specifically when scrolling through a fairly large
PHP source file using either `php-mode' or `web-mode'. I'm not sure
however if this is related to those modes or not.

By "scrolling" I mean holding down a key to move the point up or down.
I am using Evil so this is done by holding "j" or "k".

I'm aware that this isn't very helpful for reproducing the problem
considering that I have so many packages loaded. I've yet to be able
to reproduce this with a simpler configuration, but I'll be sure to
send an update if I do. I am having trouble narrowing down the
packages to find a culprit, but it could also be that my loaded
packages exacerbate the core issue enough to cause a crash.

In addition to this I recently noticed that key presses would
occasionally become out of order. I would start typing something like
"hello world" and I'd notice Emacs pause briefly, then I'd see
something like "llohe world". This was particularly evident when using
Evil as normal state commands like "i" (insert state) would come out
of order, meaning that "ihello" (insert, enter "hello") might become
"lloihe" (move right, move right, new line below and enter insert,
enter "ihe"). I'm not sure if this is related to the crashing bug but
it also started happening at the same time.

The reason that I think it has something to do with visual line
numbers is that the backtrace (below) seems to be within
`display_count_lines_visually'. Also, I've changed the line numbering
mode to relative and I haven't experienced the crash since (although
it's still early days).

I got the following backtrace when attaching to a running instance of
Emacs which crashed. Continuing from this point seems to return to
`XIfEvent' which then ends up back in `poll' (a loop).

(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x00007fe43e7c49df in poll () at /usr/lib/libc.so.6
#1  0x00007fe441fa826b in  () at /usr/lib/libxcb.so.1
#2  0x00007fe441fa9d1d in xcb_wait_for_event () at
#3  0x00007fe44200bb09 in _XReadEvents () at /usr/lib/libX11.so.6
#4  0x00007fe441ff243a in XIfEvent () at /usr/lib/libX11.so.6
#5  0x00007fe442038f10 in  () at /usr/lib/libX11.so.6
#6  0x00007fe442030523 in  () at /usr/lib/libX11.so.6
#7  0x00007fe44203947c in _XimRead () at /usr/lib/libX11.so.6
#8  0x00007fe442029d6c in  () at /usr/lib/libX11.so.6
#9  0x00007fe442014c5f in XSetICValues () at /usr/lib/libX11.so.6
#10 0x000055bdb9993d0b in xic_set_preeditarea (w=0x55bdbb0bd070,
 x=175, y=442) at xfns.c:3176
#11 0x000055bdb997f194 in handle_one_xevent
 event=event@entry=0x7ffefbd49710, finish=finish@entry=0x55bdba02e270
 <current_finish>, hold_quit=0x7ffefbd499f0) at xterm.c:20116
#12 0x000055bdb9986ec1 in event_handler_gdk (gxev=0x7ffefbd49710,
 ev=<optimized out>, data=<optimized out>) at xterm.c:17447
#13 0x00007fe44278a86f in  () at /usr/lib/libgdk-3.so.0
#14 0x00007fe442792435 in  () at /usr/lib/libgdk-3.so.0
#15 0x00007fe442738029 in gdk_display_get_event () at
#16 0x00007fe4427927c8 in  () at /usr/lib/libgdk-3.so.0
#17 0x00007fe44217c82b in g_main_context_dispatch () at
#18 0x00007fe4421d3cc9 in  () at /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0
#19 0x00007fe44217b0e2 in g_main_context_iteration () at
#20 0x00007fe4429d8f8b in gtk_main_iteration () at
#21 0x000055bdb997183a in XTread_socket (terminal=<optimized out>,
 hold_quit=0x7ffefbd499f0) at xterm.c:24819
#22 0x000055bdb99bcf61 in gobble_input () at keyboard.c:7417
#23 0x000055bdb99c0145 in handle_async_input () at keyboard.c:7648
#24 process_pending_signals () at keyboard.c:7662
#25 unblock_input_to (level=0) at keyboard.c:7677
#26 unblock_input_to (level=<optimized out>) at keyboard.c:7671
#27 unblock_input () at keyboard.c:7696
#28 0x000055bdb9ae519b in ftcrfont_text_extents (font=0x55bdbf45e298,
 code=<optimized out>, nglyphs=<optimized out>, metrics=0x55bdba018228
 <metrics>) at ftcrfont.c:430
#29 0x000055bdb98db630 in get_per_char_metric (char2b=0x7ffefbd49b74,
 font=0x55bdbf45e298) at xdisp.c:29632
#30 gui_produce_glyphs (it=0x7ffefbd51220) at xdisp.c:31802
#31 0x000055bdb98c01c8 in move_it_in_display_line_to
 (it=it@entry=0x7ffefbd51220, to_charpos=to_charpos@entry=23582,
 to_x=to_x@entry=-1, op=op@entry=MOVE_TO_POS) at xdisp.c:9740
#32 0x000055bdb98c5a90 in move_it_to (it=it@entry=0x7ffefbd51220,
 to_charpos=to_charpos@entry=23582, to_x=to_x@entry=-1,
 to_y=<optimized out>, to_vpos=to_vpos@entry=-1, op=op@entry=10) at
#33 0x000055bdb98bfe27 in display_count_lines_visually
 (it=0x7ffefbd54e10) at xdisp.c:24160
#34 maybe_produce_line_number (it=it@entry=0x7ffefbd54e10) at
#35 0x000055bdb98cb468 in display_line (it=it@entry=0x7ffefbd54e10,
 cursor_vpos=cursor_vpos@entry=26) at xdisp.c:24646
#36 0x000055bdb98ce0e8 in try_window
 (window=window@entry=0x55bdbb0bd075, pos=..., flags=flags@entry=1) at
#37 0x000055bdb98ed238 in redisplay_window (window=0x55bdbb0bd075,
 just_this_one_p=just_this_one_p@entry=false) at xdisp.c:19960
#38 0x000055bdb98efa1b in redisplay_window_0
 (window=window@entry=0x55bdbb0bd075) at xdisp.c:17446
#39 0x000055bdb9a44ad4 in internal_condition_case_1
 (bfun=bfun@entry=0x55bdb98ef9f0 <redisplay_window_0>,
 arg=arg@entry=0x55bdbb0bd075, handlers=<optimized out>,
 hfun=hfun@entry=0x55bdb98a5960 <redisplay_window_error>) at
#40 0x000055bdb98a30a8 in redisplay_windows (window=0x55bdbb0bd075) at
#41 0x000055bdb98d7ce2 in redisplay_internal () at xdisp.c:16866
#42 0x000055bdb98d9095 in redisplay () at xdisp.c:16049
#43 0x000055bdb99c4483 in read_char (commandflag=1,
 map=map@entry=0x55bdbff8db73, prev_event=0x0,
 end_time=end_time@entry=0x0) at keyboard.c:2627
#44 0x000055bdb99c6db3 in read_key_sequence
   (keybuf=keybuf@entry=0x7ffefbd5a490, prompt=prompt@entry=0x0,
   prevent_redisplay=prevent_redisplay@entry=false) at
#45 0x000055bdb99c8c75 in command_loop_1 () at keyboard.c:1375
#46 0x000055bdb9a44a47 in internal_condition_case
 (bfun=bfun@entry=0x55bdb99c8ab0 <command_loop_1>,
 handlers=handlers@entry=0x90, hfun=hfun@entry=0x55bdb99bbac0
 <cmd_error>) at eval.c:1474
#47 0x000055bdb99b44d6 in command_loop_2
 (handlers=handlers@entry=0x90) at keyboard.c:1124
#48 0x000055bdb9a449a1 in internal_catch (tag=tag@entry=0x10050,
 func=func@entry=0x55bdb99b44b0 <command_loop_2>, arg=arg@entry=0x90)
 at eval.c:1197
#49 0x000055bdb99b4471 in command_loop () at keyboard.c:1102
#50 0x000055bdb99bb642 in recursive_edit_1 () at keyboard.c:711
#51 0x000055bdb99bb9d0 in Frecursive_edit () at keyboard.c:794
#52 0x000055bdb9886a5f in main (argc=1, argv=0x7ffefbd5a958) at

In GNU Emacs 29.0.60 (build 1, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version
3.24.36, cairo version 1.17.8) of 2023-03-02 built on palenque
Repository revision: a137f71c67e88204a32ebd747beb8fdd7db2fbe9
Repository branch: emacs-29
Windowing system distributor 'The X.Org Foundation', version
System Description: Arch Linux

Configured using:
'configure --with-native-compilation --with-json --with-modules
Configured features:
Important settings:
 value of $LC_CTYPE: en_GB.UTF-8
 value of $LANG: en_GB.UTF-8
 value of $XMODIFIERS: @im=ibus
 locale-coding-system: utf-8-unix

Major mode: mu4e:main

Minor modes in effect:
 magit-todos-mode: t
 global-git-commit-mode: t
 magit-auto-revert-mode: t
 mu4e-search-minor-mode: t
 mu4e-update-minor-mode: t
 mu4e-context-minor-mode: t
 editorconfig-mode: t
 direnv-mode: t
 yas-global-mode: t
 which-key-mode: t
 marginalia-mode: t
 vertico-mode: t
 pdf-occur-global-minor-mode: t
 lin-global-mode: t
 global-evil-surround-mode: t
 evil-surround-mode: t
 global-evil-matchit-mode: t
 evil-matchit-mode: t
 evil-commentary-mode: t
 global-evil-collection-unimpaired-mode: t
 evil-collection-unimpaired-mode: t
 global-undo-tree-mode: t
 undo-tree-mode: t
 evil-mode: t
 evil-local-mode: t
 windmove-mode: t
 global-corfu-mode: t
 hexl-follow-ascii: t
 shell-dirtrack-mode: t
 savehist-mode: t
 recentf-mode: t
 winner-mode: t
 minibuffer-depth-indicate-mode: t
 server-mode: t
 elpaca-use-package-mode: t
 override-global-mode: t
 global-hl-line-mode: t
 global-display-line-numbers-mode: t
 display-line-numbers-mode: t
 tooltip-mode: t
 global-eldoc-mode: t
 show-paren-mode: t
 electric-indent-mode: t
 mouse-wheel-mode: t
 tab-bar-mode: t
 file-name-shadow-mode: t
 global-font-lock-mode: t
 blink-cursor-mode: t
 buffer-read-only: t
 column-number-mode: t
 line-number-mode: t
 transient-mark-mode: t
 auto-composition-mode: t
 auto-encryption-mode: t
 auto-compression-mode: t

Load-path shadows:
/home/simon/.emacs.d/elpaca/builds/lispy/elpa hides
/home/simon/.emacs.d/elpaca/builds/let-alist/let-alist hides

(shadow emacsbug vc-hg vc-bzr vc-src vc-sccs vc-svn vc-cvs vc-rcs
evil-collection-log-view log-view bug-reference
evil-collection-magit-todos magit-todos pcre2el rxt re-builder hl-todo
f-shortdoc async magit-bookmark evil-collection-magit magit-submodule
magit-obsolete magit-blame magit-stash magit-reflog magit-bisect
magit-push magit-pull magit-fetch magit-clone magit-remote
magit-sequence magit-notes magit-worktree magit-tag magit-merge
magit-branch magit-reset magit-files magit-refs magit-status magit
magit-repos magit-apply magit-wip magit-log which-func magit-diff
smerge-mode git-commit evil-collection-log-edit log-edit pcvs-util
add-log magit-core magit-autorevert autorevert magit-margin
magit-transient magit-process with-editor magit-mode magit-git
magit-base crm evil-collection-profiler profiler gnus-bcklg gnus-async
qp gnus-ml nndraft nnmh epa-file nnfolder nnnil gnus-agent gnus-srvr
gnus-score score-mode nnvirtual gnus-msg nntp gnus-cache
url-cache tabify evil-collection-markdown-mode markdown-mode css-mode
smie sgml-mode facemenu find-dired evil-collection-grep grep
php-mode evil-collection-speedbar speedbar ezimage dframe cc-mode
cc-fonts cc-guess cc-menus cc-cmds cc-styles cc-align php-face php
php-project cc-engine cc-vars cc-defs evil-collection-vc-git vc-git
gnus-cite smiley shr-color mm-archive mail-extr textsec uni-scripts
idna-mapping ucs-normalize uni-confusable textsec-check ace-window
evil-collection-shortdoc shortdoc org-colview org-crypt org-ctags
org-habit org-mouse org-plot org-protocol ox-hugo ox-hugo-deprecated
ox-blackfriday ox-md tomelr ox-odt rng-loc rng-uri rng-parse rng-match
rng-dt rng-util rng-pttrn nxml-parse nxml-ns nxml-enc xmltok nxml-util
ox-latex ox-icalendar ox-html table ox-ascii ox-publish ox
org-clock evil-collection-view view org-agenda org-indent org-element
org-persist org-id avl-tree oc-basic disp-table ol-eww
evil-collection-eww eww url-queue mm-url ol-rmail ol-mhe ol-irc
ol-gnus nnselect ol-docview evil-collection-doc-view doc-view
bibtex ol-bbdb ol-w3m ol-doi org-link-doi evil-collection-consult
consult-vertico consult mu4e-alert time ht s alert log4e gntp
evil-collection-mu4e mu4e mu4e-org mu4e-main mu4e-view gnus-art mm-uu
mml2015 mm-view mml-smime smime dig gnus-sum gnus-group gnus-undo
gnus-start gnus-dbus gnus-cloud nnimap nnmail mail-source utf7 nnoo
gnus-spec gnus-int gnus-range gnus-win mu4e-headers mu4e-compose
mu4e-draft mu4e-actions smtpmail mu4e-search mu4e-lists mu4e-bookmarks
mu4e-mark mu4e-message flow-fill mu4e-contacts mu4e-update
mu4e-server mu4e-context mu4e-vars mu4e-helpers mu4e-config ido
sendmail yank-media rfc822 mml mml-sec evil-collection-epa epa epg
rfc6068 epg-config mm-decode mm-bodies mm-encode mailabbrev gmm-utils
mailheader ement-room-list ement-tabulated-room-list url-http url-auth
mail-parse rfc2231 rfc2047 rfc2045 ietf-drums url-gw nsm ement
ement-notify notifications dbus ement-room transient shr pixel-fill
kinsoku url-file ement-lib ement-api ement-structs ement-macros dns
mule-util symex symex-evil symex-evil-support symex-hydra
symex-transformations symex-transformations-lisp symex-utils
evil-cleverparens evil-cleverparens-text-objects
smartparens loadhist symex-misc symex-interface-arc
symex-interface-common-lisp evil-collection-sly sly sly-completion
sly-buttons sly-messages sly-common evil-collection-apropos apropos
hyperspec symex-interface-clojure le-clojure evil-collection-cider
tramp-sh cider-debug cider-browse-ns cider-mode cider-find
cider-inspector cider-completion cider-profile cider-eval cider-jar
evil-collection-arc-mode arc-mode archive-mode cider-repl-history
cider-repl cider-resolve cider-test cider-overlays cider-stacktrace
cider-doc cider-browse-spec cider-clojuredocs cider-eldoc cider-client
cider-common cider-connection cider-util cider-popup sesman-browser
nrepl-client tramp tramp-loaddefs trampver tramp-integration
tramp-compat parse-time iso8601 ls-lisp nrepl-dict spinner sesman vc
vc-dispatcher clojure-mode align parseedn parseclj-parser parseclj-lex
parseclj-alist symex-interface-scheme symex-interface-racket
symex-interface-elisp symex-interop symex-traversals symex-dsl
symex-evaluator symex-computations symex-primitives symex-ts
symex-utils-ts symex-transformations-ts tree-sitter tree-sitter-load
tree-sitter-cli tsc tsc-dyn tsc-dyn-get dired-aux tsc-obsolete
symex-primitives-lisp symex-data symex-ui symex-custom
evil-collection-lispy lispy hydra lv delsel lispy-inline avy etags
fileloop evil-collection-edebug edebug help-fns radix-tree lispy-tags
zoutline elec-pair checkdoc lisp-mnt hideshow rainbow-delimiters
taxy-magit-section evil-collection-magit-section magit-section taxy
evil-collection-realgud realgud realgud-lang-java realgud-zshdb
realgud:zshdb-track-mode realgud:zshdb-core realgud:zshdb-init
realgud-trepan3k realgud:trepan3k-track-mode realgud:trepan3k-core
realgud:trepan3k-init realgud-trepan2 realgud:trepan2-track-mode
realgud:trepan2-core realgud:trepan2-init realgud-trepanpl
realgud:trepanpl-track-mode realgud:trepanpl-core
realgud-trepanjs realgud:trepanjs-track-mode realgud:trepanjs-core
realgud:trepanjs-init realgud-lang-js realgud-trepan
realgud:trepan-track-mode realgud:trepan-core realgud:trepan-init
realgud-remake realgud:remake-track-mode realgud:remake-core
realgud:remake-init realgud-rdebug realgud-rdebug-track-mode
realgud-rdebug-core realgud-rdebug-init realgud-lang-ruby
realgud:perldb-track-mode realgud:perldb-core realgud:perldb-init
realgud-lang-perl realgud-pdb realgud:pdb-track-mode realgud:pdb-core
realgud:pdb-init realgud-lang-python realgud-kshdb
realgud:kshdb-track-mode realgud:kshdb-core realgud:kshdb-init
realgud-gub realgud:gub-track-mode realgud:gub-core realgud:gub-init
realgud-gdb realgud:gdb-track-mode realgud:gdb-init realgud:gdb-core
realgud-bashdb realgud:bashdb-track-mode realgud:bashdb-core
realgud:bashdb-init realgud-lang-posix-shell realgud:run
realgud-locals-mode realgud-breakpoint-mode realgud-backtrack-mode
realgud-track-mode realgud-backtrace-mode realgud-track realgud-init
realgud-file realgud-attach realgud-shortkey realgud-menu realgud-eval
realgud-cmds realgud-core realgud-reset realgud-bp
realgud-lang realgud-send realgud-window realgud-buffer-helper
realgud-buffer-breakpoint realgud-buffer-backtrace realgud-locals
realgud-buffer-locals realgud-utils evil-collection-eshell em-prompt
esh-mode eshell esh-cmd generator esh-ext esh-opt esh-proc esh-io
esh-arg esh-module esh-groups esh-util cus-start files-x
realgud-buffer-command realgud-buffer-info realgud-regexp
realgud-lochist realgud-loc realgud-buffer-source realgud-key
realgud-custom key realgud-follow loc-changes realgud-fringe
realgud-helper load-relative paredit editorconfig editorconfig-core
editorconfig-core-handle editorconfig-fnmatch direnv
evil-collection-diff-mode diff-mode dash yasnippet-snippets yasnippet
evil-collection-which-key which-key orderless marginalia
evil-collection-vertico vertico pdf-occur ibuf-ext
evil-collection-ibuffer ibuffer ibuffer-loaddefs
tablist tablist-filter semantic/wisent/comp semantic/wisent
semantic/wisent/wisent semantic/util-modes semantic/util semantic
semantic/tag cedet pdf-isearch let-alist pdf-misc evil-collection-pdf
pdf-history pdf-tools evil-collection-package-menu package browse-url
url url-proxy url-privacy url-expand url-methods url-history
generate-lisp-file url-domsuf mailcap url-handlers pdf-view
evil-collection-bookmark bookmark jka-compr pdf-cache pdf-info tq
pdf-util pdf-macs lin face-remap kind-icon svg-lib color svg dom xml
htmlize gnuplot info-look evil-collection-info info evil-surround
evil-numbers evil-matchit evil-matchit-evil-setup evil-matchit-sdk
semantic/lex semantic/fw mode-local evil-exchange evil-commentary
evil-commentary-integration evil-collection-unimpaired
evil-collection-xref evil-collection-tabulated-list
evil-collection-tab-bar evil-collection-simple evil-collection-replace
evil-collection-python evil-collection-process-menu
evil-collection-outline evil-collection-org evil-collection-indent
evil-collection-imenu evil-collection-image-dired
evil-collection-help evil-collection-gnus evil-collection-flymake
evil-collection-ert evil-collection-elisp-mode evil-collection-eldoc
evil-collection-eglot evil-collection-dired evil-collection-debug
evil-collection-custom evil-collection-corfu evil-collection-compile
evil-collection-comint evil-collection-calendar calc-ext
evil-collection-calc evil-collection-buff-menu evil-collection
evil-args evil evil-integration evil-maps evil-commands ffap goto-chg
undo-tree diff queue reveal evil-jumps evil-command-window evil-search
evil-ex evil-types evil-macros evil-repeat evil-states evil-core comp
comp-cstr advice evil-common derived windmove calc calc-loaddefs
calc-macs rect evil-digraphs evil-vars diminish corfu compat
avy-autoloads ace-window-autoloads compat-autoloads consult-autoloads
cape-autoloads comint-mime-autoloads yasnippet-autoloads
consult-yasnippet-autoloads corfu-autoloads diminish-autoloads
elpher-autoloads embark-autoloads embark-consult-autoloads
goto-chg-autoloads evil-autoloads evil-args-autoloads
evil-collection-autoloads evil-commentary-autoloads
evil-exchange-autoloads evil-matchit-autoloads evil-numbers-autoloads
evil-surround-autoloads git-timemachine-autoloads gnuplot-autoloads
gnuplot-mode-autoloads htmlize-autoloads svg-lib-autoloads
kind-icon-autoloads lin-autoloads dash-autoloads with-editor-autoloads
git-commit-autoloads magit-section-autoloads magit-autoloads
async-autoloads s-autoloads f-autoloads hl-todo-autoloads
pcre2el-autoloads magit-todos-autoloads marginalia-autoloads
orderless-autoloads persist-autoloads org-drill-autoloads ht-autoloads
ts-autoloads org-super-agenda-autoloads ov-autoloads peg-autoloads
org-ql-autoloads tomelr-autoloads ox-hugo-autoloads tablist-autoloads
let-alist-autoloads pdf-tools-autoloads plantuml-mode-autoloads
rainbow-delimiters-autoloads rainbow-mode-autoloads wgrep-autoloads
rg-autoloads queue-autoloads undo-tree-autoloads vertico-autoloads
vterm-autoloads which-key-autoloads yasnippet-snippets-autoloads
direnv-autoloads editorconfig-autoloads paredit-autoloads
tree-sitter-autoloads iedit-autoloads ivy-autoloads swiper-autoloads
lv-autoloads hydra-autoloads zoutline-autoloads lispy-autoloads
smartparens-autoloads evil-cleverparens-autoloads symex-autoloads
yaml-mode-autoloads clojure-mode-autoloads parseclj-autoloads
parseedn-autoloads spinner-autoloads sesman-autoloads cider-autoloads
sly-autoloads go-mode-autoloads haskell-mode-autoloads
typescript-mode-autoloads php-mode-autoloads load-relative-autoloads
loc-changes-autoloads test-simple-autoloads realgud-autoloads
realgud-recursive-autoloads realgud-xdebug-autoloads
markdown-mode-autoloads xterm-color-autoloads rustic-autoloads
web-mode-autoloads elfeed-autoloads elfeed-org-autoloads
log4e-autoloads alert-autoloads mu4e-alert-autoloads plz-autoloads
taxy-autoloads taxy-magit-section-autoloads ement-autoloads
emms-autoloads subed-autoloads hexl gnutls puny bindat eglot
external-completion array filenotify jsonrpc ert ewoc debug backtrace
xref flymake-proc flymake thingatpt warnings compile url-util imenu
ob-shell shell ob-python python project treesit ob-plantuml ob-latex
ob-js ob-haskell ob-gnuplot ob-dot ob-ditaa org-capture org-refile org
ob ob-tangle ob-ref ob-lob ob-table ob-exp org-macro org-src ob-comint
org-pcomplete pcomplete comint ansi-osc ansi-color org-list
org-faces org-entities noutline outline ob-emacs-lisp ob-core ob-eval
org-cycle org-table ol rx org-fold org-fold-core org-keys oc
org-loaddefs find-func cal-menu calendar cal-loaddefs org-version
org-compat org-macs format-spec image-dired image-dired-tags
image-dired-external image-dired-util xdg image-mode exif dired
dired-loaddefs gnus nnheader gnus-util text-property-search time-date
mail-utils range mm-util mail-prsvr url-parse auth-source eieio
eieio-core password-cache json map byte-opt url-vars edmacro kmacro
savehist recentf tree-widget modus-operandi-theme modus-themes pcase
subr-x winner ring mb-depth server elpaca-use-package use-package
use-package-ensure use-package-delight use-package-diminish
use-package-bind-key bind-key easy-mmode use-package-core bytecomp
byte-compile elpaca-use-package-autoloads cl-extra help-mode cl-macs
cl-seq elpaca elpaca-process elpaca-autoloads hl-line cus-edit pp
cus-load icons wid-edit cl-loaddefs cl-lib display-line-numbers rmc
iso-transl tooltip cconv eldoc paren electric uniquify ediff-hook
vc-hooks lisp-float-type elisp-mode mwheel term/x-win x-win
term/common-win x-dnd tool-bar dnd fontset image regexp-opt fringe
tabulated-list replace newcomment text-mode lisp-mode prog-mode
page tab-bar menu-bar rfn-eshadow isearch easymenu timer select
scroll-bar mouse jit-lock font-lock syntax font-core term/tty-colors
frame minibuffer nadvice seq simple cl-generic indonesian philippine
cham georgian utf-8-lang misc-lang vietnamese tibetan thai tai-viet
korean japanese eucjp-ms cp51932 hebrew greek romanian slovak czech
european ethiopic indian cyrillic chinese composite emoji-zwj
charprop case-table epa-hook jka-cmpr-hook help abbrev obarray
cl-preloaded button loaddefs theme-loaddefs faces cus-face macroexp
files window text-properties overlay sha1 md5 base64 format env
code-pages mule custom widget keymap hashtable-print-readable
threads dbusbind inotify lcms2 dynamic-setting system-font-setting
font-render-setting cairo move-toolbar gtk x-toolkit xinput2 x
make-network-process native-compile emacs)

Memory information:
((conses 16 2231115 215244)
(symbols 48 84831 8)
(strings 32 457526 19068)
(string-bytes 1 13527918)
(vectors 16 205244)
(vector-slots 8 4624363 342745)
(floats 8 1072 1779)
(intervals 56 84416 3752)
(buffers 984 72))

[[End of PGP Signed Part]]

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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: bug#61940: 29.0.60; Occasional crash when moving point continously with visual line numbers Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 16:59:59 +0200
> From: Simon Pugnet <simon@polaris64.net>
> Cc: Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org>, 61940@debbugs.gnu.org
> Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 14:37:40 +0000
> Simon Pugnet <simon@polaris64.net> writes:
> > Po Lu <luangruo@yahoo.com> writes:
> >
> >> Simon Pugnet <simon@polaris64.net> writes:
> >>
> >>> So to summarise, I am getting these issues in Emacs while IBus is
> >>> being used as my input method. The IBus crash seems to cause Emacs
> >>> to
> >>> hang. Once IBus is no longer running Emacs appears to run normally
> >>> again. So it looks like this might be an IBus issue rather than an
> >>> Emacs issue, but that's just my best guess from the above.
> >>
> >> Please report this to the I-Bus developers.  As for the Xlib
> >> lock-up,
> >> complain to Fujitsu, who wrote the present XIM implementation in
> >> Xlib.
> >>
> >> To not use XIM, place:
> >>
> >>   Emacs.useXIM: false
> >>
> >> in your ~/.Xresources or ~/.Xdefaults, and do the usual thing with
> >> xrdb
> >> to install the resources.
> >
> > Thanks, I've just reported this (see
> > https://github.com/ibus/ibus/issues/2484). I'll be sure to follow
> > those instructions too if I still get issues with XIM.
> >
> > I've actually removed IBus now as it's not really relevant to me any
> > more, so I'm hoping that will resolve the issue. I'll keep a close 
> > eye
> > on things for the rest of the day and I'll report back to confirm.
> Just to follow up, I haven't noticed any jumbled inputs or Emacs hangs 
> since removing IBus so I'm pretty confident that this was the cause. 
> In that case feel free to close this bug if you also agree.

Thanks, done.

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