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From: GNU bug tracker automated control server
Subject: Processed: your mail
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2020 06:44:02 -0400

Processing commands for control@debbugs.gnu.org:

> close 40719
bug#40719: [PATCH 0/4] GNU Mcron and the (ice-9 getopt-long) module
bug#40720: [PATCH 3/4] (ice-9 getopt-long):  substantially re-written to pass 
all the new tests
bug#40721: [PATCH 1/4] test: augment testing of (ice-9 getopt-long) module
bug#40722: [PATCH 2/4] test *broken*: augmented tests of (ice-9 getopt-long)
bug#40723: [PATCH 4/4] (ice-9 getopt-long): update commentary and doc-strings
bug closed, send any further explanations to
40719@debbugs.gnu.org and Dale Mellor <guile-qf1qmg@rdmp.org>

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