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[emacs-br-devel] GNU Emacs in native language for end users

From: smc
Subject: [emacs-br-devel] GNU Emacs in native language for end users
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 04:53:16 +0000


I cannot reach your home page at http://www.emacs-br.org  as indicated in Savannah group

Since December 2008 I have a similar initiative, but in Spanish at


There I published more than 25 (and growing) Emacs manuals translated into Spanish.

Our goal is not only the translation of the manuals, but convince to emac-devel list and
particularly to Emacs mantainers that the Emacs internationalization (i18n) is not a "maybe",
but a "mustbe".

Recently we have decided that this page could publish its contents in another Latin languages
like Portuguese, Italian and French.

If you want write some articles in your language all of you will be greatly welcome!


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