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Re: On "write function for each reference"

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: On "write function for each reference"
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2023 06:37:24 -0300

On Sun, 8 Jan 2023 at 05:59, Jean Louis <> wrote:
> (...)

> eval: Symbol’s function definition is void: find-kla-intro

What's the version of your file eev-intro.el?
That function is from nov/2022... See/try:

  (find-efunction 'find-kla-intro)
  (find-eev "eev-intro.el" "find-kla-intro")
          (find-angg "eev-current/ChangeLog")
          (find-angg "eev-current/ChangeLog" "2022-11-12")

When I change the ";; Version:" in the file eev.el ELPA interprets
this as "please update the eev in ELPA from the one in git", and I try
to do that only about once a month, but you can check the versions in
the other .el files with:

  (find-eevgrep "grep --color=auto -nH --null -e '^;; Version:' *.el")
  (find-eevsh "cat *.el | grep '^;; Version:' | sort -r | uniq")

> Personally I like to insist on creating elementary objects:

You use either PostGres or SQLite to handle your ementary objects,
right? I have both of them installed here, but I still don't know how
to use them... =(

In my current situation databases are "very complex"/"too complex" and
plain text is "simple"... so I'm still using an approach that is based
on text files, and only that approach...

...but I was going to bed. I'll try the rest this evening - fzf looks
easy to use, and I hope that you can help me to set up PostGres/SQLite
at some point!

  Gnight =),

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