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Re: Proposals for purposes and usage examples

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: Proposals for purposes and usage examples
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2023 10:57:06 -0300

On Fri, 6 Jan 2023 at 09:24, Jean Louis <> wrote:
> (...)

Hi Jean,

again, I will have to answer in several e-mails...

> --------
> Namely, there is no space or empty line after headings in instruction
> and documentation. Consider introducing that space.
> I use following rules for text editing:
> 1. After heading there must be space.
> 2. Before the continuation heading, there shall be minimum two spaces,
> maybe I should switch to three spaces.
> That makes text easier readable, as relationships are easier
> understood. One can understand what is the body of the section and
> what is the next section.

You mean in the "intro"s?

> --------
> Create helper functions to generate anchors. Same should apply for other
> hyperlinks.
> 8.2. Creating anchors by hand
> -----------------------------
> One way to type the chars `«' and `»' is with `C-x 8 <' and
> `C-x 8 >'. Try:
>   (eek "RET C-x 8 < t a g C-x 8 >")
> I find that difficult.

Me too. That's why I created the methods in these two sections:

  (find-eev-quick-intro "8.3. Creating index/section anchor pairs")
  (find-eev-quick-intro "8.4. Creating e-script blocks")

> -------------------------------------------------------

Can you try the methods in the sections 8.3 and 8.4 above? I tried
many ways of generating index/anchor pairs and I really liked that

> While Internet data may be free and inexpensive, it is not so in many
> parts of the world. There is certain hesitation if to download the
> video or not.

By running `M-x find-1stclassvideos' or its alias `M-x 1c' - explained

people can see the list of the videos _and their legths_. The newer
videos use a format that takes about 2MB per minute, the older ones
took about 1.5MB per minute, and downloading them with wget takes far
less bandwidth than using Youtube. Also, two days ago I added to eev a
function to let people access the "subtitles in Lua" for each video
that has subtitles, and now if someone runs this

  (find-1stclassvideo-links "2022pict2elua")

one part of the temporary buffer that it generates will be:

  ;; You have a local copy of this video.
  ;; The upstream copy of this video has subtitles.
  ;; If you don't have a local copy of its subtitles, or if you
  ;; want to update the local copy of the subtitles, run this:
  ;;        (find-psne-1stclassvideo-links "2022pict2elua")
  ;;    or: (find-psne-eevvideo-links "2022-pict2e-lua" ".vtt")
  ;; LSubs: (find-1stclassvideolsubs "2022pict2elua")

The LSubs line runs a function that right now is only in the git repo,
not in ELPA... so if you're using eev from ELPA run this to define it,

  (defun find-1stclassvideolsubs (c &rest pos-spec-list)
    (interactive (list (ee-1stclassvideo-around-point-ask)))
    (let ((mp4stem (ee-1stclassvideos-mp4stem c)))
      (apply 'find-anggwget-elisp (format "SUBTITLES/%s.lua" mp4stem)

and then run `M-e' here:

  ;; LSubs: (find-1stclassvideolsubs "2022pict2elua")

What do you think of that? =)

Btw, people can also access these "subtitles in Lua" here:

> 1. What is the Purpose of eev? Summarize it in a single
>    paragraph.

I've tried that many times, and that sort of can't be done - at least
it can't be done _in text_. I have many summaries available, and most
people hate either all of them or all but one or two. Try this one:

In particular, watch this demo:

  (find-eev2019video "13:10" "Demo: patching xpdf")

The purpose of eev _for me_ is to let me "automate almost everything"
by recording executable notes like that and playing them back like

  More soon!
    [[]], E.

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