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An experiment with buttons

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: An experiment with buttons
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2023 17:06:18 -0300

Hi Jean Louis,
Can you test the code below?
It's a prototype based on the ideas that we were discussing in private...
     E. =)

;; Tests:
;; (ee-button-sexp-text nil        nil)
;; (ee-button-sexp-text nil      "foo")
;; (ee-button-sexp-text '(+ 1 2)   nil)
;; (ee-button-sexp-text '(+ 1 2) "foo")
(defun ee-button-sexp-text (sexp text)
  (if sexp
      (if text
  "ok" ; if      sexp  and      text
(setq text (ee-S sexp))) ; if      sexp  and (not text)
    (if text
(setq sexp (read text)) ; if (not sexp) and      text
      (setq sexp nil text " "))) ; if (not sexp) and (not text)
  (list sexp text))

;; See: (find-kla-intro "9. `cl-defun'")
(cl-defun ee-makebutton
    (&key sexp text help-echo)
  (let ((st (ee-button-sexp-text sexp text)))
    (setq sexp (car st))
    (setq text (cadr st)))
  (let ((callback `(lambda (_) ,sexp)))
    (buttonize text callback nil help-echo)))

;; Tests:
;; (find-eemakebutton :sexp '(message "foo") :text "Foo")
;; (find-eemakebutton :sexp '(find-efunctiondescr 'car))
;; (find-eemakebutton :sexp '(find-efunctiondescr 'car) :help-echo "HELP")
(defun find-eemakebutton (&rest rest)
  (find-estring (apply 'ee-makebutton rest)))

(defun ee-B (sexp)
  (ee-H (ee-makebutton :sexp sexp)))

;; The sexp below is commented out with a "'".
;; To test it go to its last line and type `M-e'.
' (find-elinks
     (find-efunctiondescr 'car)
     ,(ee-H "plic")
     ,(ee-H (ee-makebutton :sexp '(+ 1 2)))
     ,(ee-H (ee-makebutton :sexp '(find-efunctiondescr 'car)))
     (find-efunctiondescr 'car)
     ,(ee-B '(find-efunctiondescr 'car))

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