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Idea for mpv note taking by using eev

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Idea for mpv note taking by using eev
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 16:33:26 +0300
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* Eduardo Ochs <> [2022-12-27 14:08]:
> Hi all,
> after updating eev to the new version in ELPA, try this:
>   (find-mpv-links)

When speaking of mpv, here is use case for eev to be related to mpv
and to note taking:

1. Review the mpv.el package:

;; Author: Johann Klähn <>
;; URL:

2. (find-efunctiondescr 'mpv-insert-playback-position)
(find-efunction 'mpv-insert-playback-position)

3. In my Hyperscope I use type of Hyperlinks "Emacs Lisp", which means
   when such hyperlink is activated, the Emacs Lisp is invoked.

4. I do need quicker video note taking, it means, to capture the
   playback position, to ask me for the description, and then to
   generate new elementary object with such "Emacs Lisp" link that
   would play video at specific time.

Currently I use this function:

(hlink-mpv-play-video-at-exact-time hs::id)
(find-efunction 'hlink-mpv-play-video-at-exact-time)

Which looks like this:

(defun hlink-mpv-play-video-at-exact-time (id)
  (let* ((link (hyperscope-link-value id))
         (arguments (hlink-arguments id))
         (start (format "--start=%s" arguments)))
    (start-process "mpv" "mpv" "mpv" start link)
    (hyperscope-description-show id)))

(defalias 'hyperscope-play-video 'hlink-mpv-play-video)

What would be usefu is following workflow:

1. On video file eev to open temporary buffer

2. Start video play

3. On key to stop video play, ask for description, insert function in
   eev buffer something like 
   (hyperscope-play-video-at-exact-time "/my/video/file.avi" "01:12:32" "Mask 
   or some other function (customizable).

4. That would create bunch of various functions in temporary buffer,
   such could be previewed over again.

5. User can then take those links and index them line by line.

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