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Making eev use a "smaller full screen"

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Making eev use a "smaller full screen"
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 01:51:08 -0300

Hi all,

most of the feedback that I received on eev recently was like this:
"ok, eev looks nice, but I don't have ANY IDEA of how people use that,
and what their workflows look like"...

I don't have any good short answers for that, but I _think_ that it
_should_ be possible to answer these people by saying something like:
"then watch 30s of this video starting from the position blah, one
minute of this other video starting from this other position, and 45s
of this third video starting from this other position".

Anyway, this made me create this page,

and I'm rewriting many of the mentions to videos in my pages about eev
to make them point to this section,

that explains how play local copies of videos with subtitles in
super-high speed.

Here is a new hack. Mpv has several options that are either hard or
impossible to change using its keybindings, but that are easy to
change using its command-line options. So:

  1. Run this to download or update the subtitles for a certain video:

       (find-psne-eevvideo-links "2021-org-for-non-users" ".vtt")

     I'm recommending it because I finished its subtitles earlier
     today, and, well... I think that its subtitles are very good =).

  2. Run these two defuns to define two functions with very short

       (defun mf ()
         "Make mpv use (real) full screen."
         (setq ee-mpv-video-options '("--fs" "--osd-level=2")))

       (defun ms ()
         "Make mpv use a \"smaller full screen\"."
         (setq ee-mpv-video-options
               '("--fs" "--osd-level=2"

  3. Try:

       (find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "0:00")
       (find-2021orgfornonusersvideo "0:00")

     `M-x ms' makes mpv use only a part of the screen for the video,
     and use the lower part for the subtitles; `M-x mf' makes mpv use
     the whole screen for the video, and display the subtitles in a
     position in which they cover a part of the video.

These functions are not yet in the version of eev that is ELPA, only
in the github repository. Actually what is there is a function called
`find-mpv-links', that displays the defuns for `mf' and `ms' in a
temporary buffer together with some instructions for using them. That
temporary buffer looks like this:

  Eduardo Ochs

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