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(find-edit-index-intro) and (require 'hydra)

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: (find-edit-index-intro) and (require 'hydra)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2022 20:06:58 -0300

Hi Quiliro,
I think that I found a good answer for this...

Try these sexps:

  (find-eevgrep "grep --color=auto -nH --null -e require *.el")
  (find-eevgrep "grep --color=auto -nH --null -e require *.el | grep
-av \"require 'ee\"")
  (find-eevgrep "grep --color=auto -nH --null -e 'find.*process' *.el")
  (find-eevgrep "grep --color=auto -nH --null -e eepitch-comint *.el")

The second sexp shows many places in which eev "require"s Emacs
packages that are not installed by default, and the third and the
fourth sexps show many places in which eev runs external programs that
are not installed by default.

Where should I draw the line between which of those external things
would be "dependencies" and which would be "non-dependencies"?

I think that a good answer for that is: let's make eev have no
external dependencies at all, and let's follow this idea,

  "It is faster to make a four-inch mirror then a six-inch mirror
   than to make a six-inch mirror."

and make people learn how to install the dependencies themselves.


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