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wset for frames

From: Erich Ruff
Subject: wset for frames
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2021 11:20:15 +0100
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Hi Eduardo,

first of all, thanks for you work!

Using wset to open and switch to frames makes sense for me.

I'm no shure that I understand the weekness of


On my computer it raises the frame and sets the input there.


Because I mostly use tla's to open my texts, can the frame into which
the file - denoted by tla - gets loaded, get automatically the name from
the tla?

So if calling the tla again, the already existing frame would get focus;
- and if the 2nd call wants to jump to a different "search-item", this
should be possible:


(coex "Delivered at") -> load file, name new frame 'coex', jump to 'Del..'
(coex "awarded the")  -> after checking if the frame exists, reuse it,
                         set focus to it and jump to 'awarded ...'

So no change in the calling expression would be necessary.



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