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Re: [Ee-dev] ee-dselect

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: [Ee-dev] ee-dselect
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 01:59:40 +0300
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Hi Henry,

> I was wondering if you had done or were planning any further work on 
> ee-dselect.
>  I am working on extending apt-mode and thinking about combining it with
> ee-dselect if you hadn't already done something similar.  Should I wait for 
> the
> next release before spending much time on this?

Please feel free to work on extending ee-dselect since the next release
will contain only minor fixes (so the version number will be v0.0.3).
And after the next release I am planning to continue working
on a huge TODO list I collected after the previous release,
but not yet implemented.  After implementing these all ideas
I hope to bump the version number to v1.0.0.

In regard to ee-dselect, I suggest you trying to use a new feature of
apt - TAGS (that were not available at the time of the previous release).
I believe this is the most promising direction of developing ee-dselect
since debtags would fit naturally into the ee-dselect extension.

For instance, the package `emacs-goodies-el' has the following tags:

  devel::editor, implemented-in::lisp, role::plugin, suite::emacs,
  use::editing, works-with::text

and in ee the view tree this would look like:

- devel
 - editor
  ... [other packages] ...
- implemented-in
 - lisp
  ... [other packages] ...
- role
 - plugin
  ... [other packages] ...
- suite
 - emacs
  ... [other packages] ...
- use
 - editing
  ... [other packages] ...
- works-with
 - text
  ... [other packages] ...

Juri Linkov

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