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Re: [Dvipng] [patch] configure flags for t1lib and freetype

From: Jan-Ake Larsson
Subject: Re: [Dvipng] [patch] configure flags for t1lib and freetype
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 09:07:04 +0200
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Hi Samuli,

Samuli Suominen skrev 04/21/2010 11:08 PM:
> In order to make dvipng a bit more source-based distribution friendly to
> allow package manager to control the features of the package, I've wrote
> a quick patch to add flags:
> --enable/--disable-freetype
> --enable/--disable-t1lib

This is of course quite possible, and I'll include this in the next
release, I don't see why not.

But I'd recommend making Freetype mandatory because image quality is not
as good with the other options. Freetype is better at hinting. Also,
using Freetype is the only way to get subfont support (CJK). At this
point, I mainly view t1lib and PK support as (more and more obsolete)
fallbacks. From what I can understand, both texlive and MIKTeX include


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