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[Dvipng] Re: dvipng color trouble

From: Jan-Åke Larsson
Subject: [Dvipng] Re: dvipng color trouble
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 11:35:23 +0100
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mitcho (Michael 芳貴 Erlewine) wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> No, I actually was not using --palette. I know truecolor should
> automatically be turned on in this case... I just tried to force
> truecolor output, but got this error:
>     $ dvipng --truecolor -D 200 discolored.dvi
>     This is dvipng 1.9 Copyright 2002-2006 Jan-Ake Larsson
>     dvipng: Fatal error, papersize ruecolor is not implemented
> It's apparently recognizing it as a -t papersize option... I know that
> others on the listhost were able to reproduce this issue without
> --palette as well. I'm using the MacTeX distribution.

OK, that means that the MacTeX distribution has a really really outdated
version of libgd. It is using the truecolor-incapable libgd1.x which has
been replaced by the truecolor-capable libgd2.x, I dunno, 5-6-7 years ago.

The incanatation I sent you will work.

But the best course of action would be to rebuild dvipng against libgd2.
And to recommend the distributor of MacTeX to do so too. (Perhaps I
should just remove the compatibility code and force everyone to go libgd2.)


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