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Re: [Duplicity-talk] duplicity -V prints duplicity $version

From: edgar . soldin
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] duplicity -V prints duplicity $version
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 15:11:51 +0100
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on the other hand,

version copying is done during distro creation. so maybe Ken just skipped the 
step when releasing the source builds?

anyway. for now you may create the tar yourself as documented here

in case you want to keep several duplicitys on one box here's a mini howto 
'INSTALL MULTIPLE VERSIONS' that still works fine


On 20.03.2023 15:06, edgar.soldin@web.de wrote:
On 20.03.2023 14:25, Markus Schönhaber via Duplicity-talk wrote:

hi Marcus,

I downloaded the v1.2.2 tarball of duplicity from the gitlab releases page[1] 
to a Debian 11 system. After doing

# python3 setup.py install

the version number printed by duplicity isn't what I'd expect:

# duplicity -V
duplicity $version

AFAICT in both man pages setup.py installs, the version number is set correctly 
but in the package's __init_.py[2] it isn't.

Am I doing something wrong?
How to fix the version number? Manually edit the installed __init__.py?

nope, just replicated the issue. seems like setup is not 
patching/"VersionedCopy"-ing '__init.py__' anymore.

would you mind opening an issue on 
https://gitlab.com/duplicity/duplicity/-/issues ?

thanks!.. ede/duply.net

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