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Re: [Duplicity-talk] Replicate command and manifest size

From: Kenneth Loafman
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] Replicate command and manifest size
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 15:15:52 -0600

Hi Nathan,

It looks like you've found a couple of bugs.
Would you mind reporting them to duplicity issues?  I'd appreciate it.

As to a workaround, instead of replicate I'd suggest lftp  or rsync.  They would be a lot faster.  

Also check out the multi-backend in the man page.  That could save a step in the process.


On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 1:45 PM Nathan MALO via Duplicity-talk <duplicity-talk@nongnu.org> wrote:

I am testing duplicity and am very interested in the replicate feature.

Right now I backup my folder locally to a standalone hard-drive then call the replicate command to replicate the backups on a remote FTPS storage.
I then manage retention separately :
- I keep 1 month worth of backup on the standalone hard drive
- I keep 3 months worth of backup on the FTPS storage.

The replication seems to work to replicate signatures and volumes but I noticed a weird behaviour.
Manifests on the FTPS storage are way smaller than the ones on the standalone hard-drive.
Here is an output of du-sh on my local archive folder :

27M     standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-full.20211109T091646Z.manifest
3.2G    standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-full-signatures.20211109T091646Z.sigtar.gz
64K     standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-inc.20211109T091646Z.to.20211115T102211Z.manifest
8.0K    standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-inc.20211115T102211Z.to.20211115T103552Z.manifest
16K     standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-inc.20211115T103552Z.to.20211115T112819Z.manifest
14M     standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-new-signatures.20211109T091646Z.to.20211115T102211Z.sigtar.gz
708K    standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-new-signatures.20211115T102211Z.to.20211115T103552Z.sigtar.gz
720K    standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/duplicity-new-signatures.20211115T103552Z.to.20211115T112819Z.sigtar.gz
0       standalone_hard-drive_archive_folder/lockfile

16K     ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-full.20211109T091646Z.manifest
3.2G    ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-full-signatures.20211109T091646Z.sigtar.gz
4.0K    ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-inc.20211109T091646Z.to.20211115T102211Z.manifest
4.0K    ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-inc.20211115T102211Z.to.20211115T103552Z.manifest
4.0K    ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-inc.20211115T103552Z.to.20211115T112819Z.manifest
14M     ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-new-signatures.20211109T091646Z.to.20211115T102211Z.sigtar.gz
708K    ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-new-signatures.20211115T102211Z.to.20211115T103552Z.sigtar.gz
720K    ftps_storage_archive_folder/duplicity-new-signatures.20211115T103552Z.to.20211115T112819Z.sigtar.gz
0       ftps_storage_archive_folder/lockfile

By looking in the manifests I noticed that the manifests on FTPS storage do not contain the Filelist listing the new, changed and deleted files, but only
the volume list.

Is this an expected behavior ?

I also can't restore (from the FTPS storage) a file that has been modified since the full backup and then backuped during the incremental backups.
When I want to restore this file (var/log/syslog) at a particular date from the FTPS Storage i end up with : "var/log/syslog not found in archive - no files restored."
When I want to restore the latest version of this file I end up with : "Error 'First patch in sequence [<duplicity.path.ROPath object at 0x7f2032186040>, <duplicity.path.ROPath object at 0x7f203211c880>, <duplicity.path.ROPath object at 0x7f203211ca60>] was a diff' patching .
var/log/syslog not found in archive - no files restored."

When I run exactly this two restore scenarios from the standalone hard drive location it works flawlessly.

My final questions :
Are the smaller manifests normal ?
Do you think the restore errors from the ftps storage could be related to the wrongly formed manifests ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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