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Re: [Duplicity-talk] Restoring from the last full backup (Re: Difficulti

From: edgar . soldin
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] Restoring from the last full backup (Re: Difficulties with restore: 'Could not restore the following files. Please make sure you are able to write to them.')
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 11:23:58 +0100
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hey Andrew,

as i wrote. according to your log the current (or latest) full is corrupt. see 
the list of backup chains to find the one before that.

and still. we asked you questions and rather like you to answer those as we 
need them to enhance duplicity for the future!

good luck ..ede

On 16.11.2021 10:58, andrew wrote:
Hi Ede (and everyone),

Thank-you for this advice.

At the moment, my strategy to try and recover the missing mail in the backed-up 
files from Thunderbird, is to step through the - in my case - weekly backups to 
see if I can successfully restore a non-corrupt back-up. ie. iteratation until 
uncorrupted back-up found. Is that - using your knowledge of the internal 
workings of duplicity - a sensible strategy.

My question about the full back-up was because I assume that this would not be 
a corrupt copy - it's a kind of check-point. There would be no incremental 
chains of data saved and the corruption is in the incremental chains. I suppose 
that might be a false assumption but maybe it's a useful one? If not then what 
can I assume in trying to recover files?

Thank-you for helping me understand what strategy I might follow.

Best wishes,


Andrew Wood, Oxford

- o -

On 15/11/2021 11:08, edgar.soldin--- via Duplicity-talk wrote:
hey Andrew,

On 15.11.2021 11:01, andrew via Duplicity-talk wrote:
Hi everyone,

How do I force duplicity to restore from the last full backup which it made? I 
can see the options for creating a new full back-up but not restoring it. 
Indeed, how do I find out when the last full backup was made.

The manual (this one: https://linux.die.net/man/1/duplicity) isn't at all 
helpful in this regard. Thanks.

the most recent official online man page is located on
under Synopsis you find
duplicity [restore] [options] [--file-to-restore <relpath>] [--time
time] source_url target_directory

you do _not_ select a backup but rather a point in time to restore .
accepted time formats are explained here.

you may consult your output.txt which contains a human readable list
of your backup chains or utilize
duplicity collection-status [options] [--file-changed <relpath>] target_url
to show them again.

your current backup chain (latest) contains the corruption, so choose
the chain before and give a point in time after the full but before
the next incremental.

good luck ..ede/duply.net

ps. you still owe us answers to our questions from before.

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