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[Duplicity-talk] rebuild local index from remote backup?

From: Morgan Read
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] rebuild local index from remote backup?
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 06:13:57 +0000

Hello List

If you would like to miss out the background and jump straight to my
question, it's the fifth paragraph down...

I've recently moved my backup.  After following a few dead links to an
elusive 'howto' I tracked it down at the web archive - so, for
reference and others that follow, here's a live link:

Following the above - about half way down the page - is the formula to
calculate the hash for a folder name for any given location.  So, far
so good.  I was using a different location uri (ssh to my home server)
and couldn't bring myself to work out the translation between one uri
form and another.

I figured it would be more simply to have deja-dup do it for me - so,
I moved all the files from my back-up location to a temp remote
directory and all my files from the local directory named after the
hash of the uri of the backup location to a temp local directory -
just for safety.  Then had deja-dup do a back up to the new remote
location.  All went well, remote directory created and local directory
created named after a hash of the remote.  Now, all I had to do is
replace the contents of my new directories with the contents of my
remote directories.

Unfortunately, it was too late in the evening by the time I got to
that stage - and I forgot to move back my remote back-up to the new
directory location.  So, running my first back up...  Yup, deja-dup/
duplicity started to eat my local manifests and indexes that I'd just
returned to my newly created local directory - because, of course, it
no longer matched the empty remote location I was backing up to...

So, my question, how do I/ can I rebuild my local directory to make
useable my back up again?

Many thanks for reading my story of wow!
Morgan Read
P 07563-650.923
E address@hidden

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