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[Duplicity-talk] how to generate a full backup from incremental backups

From: Jelle de Jong
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] how to generate a full backup from incremental backups and how to list files of an incremental backup
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 17:07:55 +0100
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Hello everybody,

I have been using duplicity for a several months now on different
networks with different set-ups. I am very pleased with the
flexibility and reliability of duplicity. So thank you for the tool
and I hope the development continues to create stable secure software.

I do have a few question:

1) How do I generate a list of the changed/backup files in an
incremental backup? (I want to know what the incremental backup did)

2) I have a few set-ups with very minimal upload bandwidth, and I want
to stay using incremental backups as standard setting without periodic
full backups. So I want duplicity to clean-up the backup archive every
month or so, to generate a new full backup from all the incremental
backups it done in the past. How can I do this? So I don't want to do
an "--full-if-older-than" but some sort of
"--merge-incremental-if-older-then" and if possible say to create a
full backup from increment backup older then 15 days?

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Jelle de Jong

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