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[Duplicity-talk] Version 0.4.1 released

From: Ben Escoto
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] Version 0.4.1 released
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 14:25:46 -0700

You can download it from
http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/duplicity/.  Unfortunately I can't
figure out how to edit the duplicity main page.  Maybe it'll kick in
soon, but I've been waiting 18 hours now.  Anyway, here is the

New in v0.4.1 (2003/08/09)

Applied (version of) Helmut Schneider's patch to display file mod
times with --list-current-files.

Fixed bug found by Rob Browning handling symlinks with long names that
have long names.

Applied Stephen Isard's patch to fix exclude-globbing-filelist.

Applied Sebastian Wilhelmi's patches to add rsync as a backend.

To improve large file performance, signature block size is now based
on file length.

duplicity should now build with librsync 0.9.6.  Much thanks to
Donovan Baarda for his work in this version of librsync.

duplicity should work with Python 2.3 now.

Ben Escoto

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