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[Duplicity-announce] Version 0.5.14 Released

From: Kenneth Loafman
Subject: [Duplicity-announce] Version 0.5.14 Released
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 11:33:05 -0500
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Some biggies in the what's new category.

1) Duplicity is now under GPL v2, this time done properly.

2) I've abandoned pexpect/ncftp and gone back to ncftp utilities.  They
handle the errors much better than pexpect and I can, plus they let us
know when a message is an error, not just a message.

3) We're moving (slowly) to symbolic names for logging.  This will keep
my poor mind from frazzling trying to remember what number goes with
what log level.  For now, and probably for a long time, the -vN option
will continue to work,  All of the code that can has moved to using
log.LevelName instead of log.Log with a number in the calling params.
This has one side effect in that some -vN forms get folded to the same
level, as in the list below, so the worst that will happen is that
duplicity may be more verbose than you expected.

You can download the new duplicity from:

If the mirrors do not have it, this is the direct link.


New in v0.5.14 (2009/04/02)
After email voting among known duplicity contributors,
the decision was reached to revert to the GPL Version 2
license, so with their consensus, duplicity is now under
GPL Version 2.

Revert to calling NcFTP utilities (ls, get, put) directly
rather than scripting ncftp via pexpect by reverting to the
0.5.07 version of ftpbackend.py.

Changed fatal error regarding version 3.2.0 of ncftpput to
warning level since it has been reported that the problem
does not occur on most distributions.

Changed from log.Log with numbered log levels to log.Debug,
log.Info, log.Notice, log.Warn, log.FatalError as below:
    0    log.FatalError
    1-2  log.Warn
    3-4  log.Notice
    5-8  log.Info
    9 log.Debug
The -vN option has not changed.  Verbosity may also be one
of: character [ewnid], or word ['error', 'warning', 'notice',
'info', 'debug'].  The default is 4 (Notice).  The options
-v4, -vn, and -vnotice are functionally equivalent, as are
the mixed-case versions, -vN, -vNotice, -vNOTICE.

Normalized include statements and tried to insure that all
duplicity includes were from the duplicity module.

patch #6790: Add --exclude-if-present

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