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[ANN] dtas 0.18.1 - duct tape audio suite for *nix

From: Eric Wong
Subject: [ANN] dtas 0.18.1 - duct tape audio suite for *nix
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021 21:59:20 +0000

Free Software command-line tools for audio playback, mastering, and
whatever else related to audio.  dtas follows the worse-is-better
philosophy and acts as duct tape to combine existing command-line tools
for flexibility and ease-of-development.  dtas is currently implemented
in Ruby (and some embedded shell), but may use other languages in the


    Mainly seek improvements to dtas-player.  The fallback to use
    charlock-holmes for strangely-encoded files is fixed.

    7 changes since 0.18.0 (2020-02-03):

          splitfx: reduce syscalls for writing comments file
          splitfx: support --err-suffix option
          player: fix +/- directional seeks while paused
          README: update and add more URLs for archives
          encoding: use CharlockHolmes properly on first run
          dtas-console: gracefully handle seek failures
          INSTALL: update dependencies for current Debian stable

* homepage: https://80x24.org/dtas/
* https://80x24.org/dtas/INSTALL
* https://80x24.org/dtas/dtas-player.txt
* https://80x24.org/dtas/NEWS.atom
* git clone https://80x24.org/dtas.git
* dtas-all@nongnu.org (plain-text only, no HTML mail, please)
* mail archives: https://80x24.org/dtas-all/

note: .onion URLs require Tor: <https://www.torproject.org/>

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