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dtas-console hotkeys?

From: Eric Wong
Subject: dtas-console hotkeys?
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2016 09:04:53 +0000

Unforseen bugs aside, there'll be one user-visible change to dtas-console
for users of software volume control:

    ref: http://80x24.org/dtas.git/patch?id=7bed564d979ce7e

    player: implement software volume control

    This is on a linear scale from 0.0 (mute) to 1.0 (no change)
    This is in the MPRIS spec and mpd as well (scaled to 0-100)

    This changes dtas-console key bindings (0/9) slightly to match
    mplayer more closely.  ReplayGain preamp adjustment has moved from
    '0'/'9' to '7'/'8' keys.  The 'm' key also toggles mute state (the
    pre-mute volume is stored in the dtas-console instance, not in
    dtas-player itself).

Now, I'm also adding the display of the tracklist status for the
"repeat" and "shuffle" states (normally controlled via
"dtas-tl repeat <true|false|1>" and
"dtas-tl shuffle <true|false>" commands)

I figure, maybe there ought to be hotkeys for toggling shuffle
and repeat states from dtas-console.

My main point of reference (the command-line mplayer) doesn't have
hotkeys for setting/toggling those; so I'm not sure what to pick.
Basically, I've always wanted to reuse existing users muscle memory
from existing hotkeys as much as possible; and I figure these are
reasonably common hotkeys in existing music players.

So, maybe 's' (maybe even 'S') to toggle Shuffle.
We're already using 'r'/'R' to cycle through ReplayGain modes;
but maybe we can switch replayGain to 'g'/'G' instead and
use 'r'/'R' to cycle through Repeat states...

Any ideas on what hotkey players to steal^H^H^H^H^Hdraw inspiration from?

...But, I'll soon figure out some of the tracklist impedance mismatches
with mpd emulation and think less about UI on our end; as users will
most likely use mpd clients for this, anyways :)

Anyways, food for thought if you're bored out there.

For reference, all the current hotkeys slated for the v0.13 release
are documented at:


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