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Re: how do you use dtas?

From: Rene Maurer
Subject: Re: how do you use dtas?
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2015 18:42:26 +0100

Eric Wong <address@hidden> wrote:
> 3) Edit the YAML files with my favorite editor;
>    relying on inotify (via sleepy_penguin RubyGem)
>    to pick when my editor saves the file.
>    This lets me hear EQ changes whenever I save the
>    YAML file in my editor (or the playback stops when I make a typo).
> To loop a section of a track I want to focus on, I'll set:
>       dtas-tl repeat 1 && dtas-ctl trim START_TIME LENGTH
> ("dtas-ctl trim off && dtas-tl repeat false" to resume normal
> playback)

Cool workflow!
Thank you very much for sharing this.

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