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[PATCH 0/5] misc updates, major sourceedit feature!

From: Eric Wong
Subject: [PATCH 0/5] misc updates, major sourceedit feature!
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 11:49:17 +0000

The last sourceedit change is _really_ exciting to me!
(as is the splitfx playback support pushed out earlier).

The editing/post-production-oriented features of dtas are
really coming together and I think 0.10.0 will be a big
milestone for this project.

Eric Wong (5):
      partstats: use Etc.nprocessors on Ruby 2.2+
      splitfx: remove unnecessary assignment
      player: enqueued commands cannot use bypass
      dtas-console: avoid crashing on failed cue seeks
      dtas-sourceedit: update player as user saves in the editor

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