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Re: fade out current playing song

From: Rene Maurer
Subject: Re: fade out current playing song
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 07:54:55 +0200

Eric Wong <address@hidden> wrote:

> Rene Maurer <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Is it possible to send a command to the dtas-player in the way that
>> the current song is faded out and the next song in the queue (if
>> any) is played ("fade-out-now-and-skip")?
> Not yet (or easily).  I haven't thought about it, I understand it's a
> somewhat popular feature in other players?

I only tried some players and never seen this feature.... It's not a
strong recommendation for me (but it would be really useful for me).

> I think it's easiest to use the queue internally with trim commands.
> Internally, it could do something like the following (totally
> untested):


Yes I understand (maybe I can try it out this weekend).

> I envision the internal queue of dtas-player as something suitable for
> production/testing/internals and the tracklist functionality being
> more suitable for traditional music player duties.

Thanks for clarification.

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