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[ANN] dtas 0.3.0 - small improvements and tweaks

From: Eric Wong
Subject: [ANN] dtas 0.3.0 - small improvements and tweaks
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 11:37:24 +0000
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There is now a mailing list hosted by Savannah: address@hidden
No subscription is necessary to post (please Cc: all on replies).

This release should be compatible with Ruby 1.9.3 built with Syck,
as this seems to be the case with Debian wheezy systems.  Hopefully
dtas is easier for Debian GNU/Linux users not familiar with Ruby.

Probing via avprobe/ffprobe for audio in large containers (e.g.
VOBs) should have a higher probability of success, but seeking with
large containers is still broken.  My suggestion is to use
avconv/ffmpeg to extract the raw audio (without transcoding) from
VOBs/DVDs and just play that.

dtas-sourceedit learned to load YAML from stdin (same format
as "dtas-ctl source cat $SOURCENAME").

player protocol changes:
- "state dump [FILENAME]" allows dumping the current state (in case
  an unexpected shutdown happens and at_exit does not run)
- "env" (no args) returns the environment

note: I'm still considering revamping the protocol completely

Eric Wong (23):
      dtas-console: support terminal resize
      README: add explicit copyright for this file
      remove "encoding: binary" header use
      rg: avoid adding gain if fallback_gain + preamp is near zero
      av_ff_common: fix undefined var in astream fallback
      disclaimer: disambiguate between dtas/$PROGNAME
      GNUmakefile: combine with pkg.mk
      Rakefile: additional pointer to git-set-file-times
      Rakefile: wrap long line
      dtas-sourcedit: allow loading YAML from stdin
      test_source_av: fix test to actually run
      source/{av,ff}: probe harder for audio in weird containers
      doc: reorganize sections around dtas-player
      doc: sink_examples: reference dtas-xdelay and friends
      doc: add contact info to all documentation
      INSTALL: update installation instructions
      player: add "state dump" command to serialize state
      doc/dtas-xdelay: reference sox/play env, update email address
      dtas-xdelay: pass -q flag to play(1) by default
      player/client_handler: cleanup to avoid redundant code
      player: explicitly stop+wait for sink death at_exit
      player/client_handler: support for dumping individual env
      test/test_player_client_handler: rename shadowed method
Eric Wong

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