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[Drm-elimination-crew] All "Freedom to share" videos released | New play

From: Devin Ulibarri
Subject: [Drm-elimination-crew] All "Freedom to share" videos released | New playlist on PeerTube
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 15:59:43 -0500

Hi all,

As described in our [IDAD announcement][1] last month, we finished
publishing our interviews from folks off the streets about their
thoughts on "digital sharing." There's now a playlist on PeerTube to
view them all: https://framatube.org/c/idad_2022/video-playlists

We learned a lot, captured some "aha moments" from interviewees, and
overall enjoyed exercising the freedom to share. Hope you enjoy, and
please let us know your thoughts!

If anyone subscribed to this list would like to do a similar thing, we
published our interview prompts on the LibrePlanet wiki as well:
You are encouraged to try for yourself!

(Since I expect people to ask:) Tech-wise, basically all I used was a
mic (Sony ECM959A) that connected via 2.5mm directly into my X200 and
recorded with Audacity, which I also used to clean the sound up using
its "denoiser" tool. I used the latest version of Kdenlive, which works
AMAZINGLY well nowadays, for video editing. The OS I used was Trisquel.

This video was created as part of our winter membership drive themed
"Freedom to share." Read more about this campaign at

Devin U.

P.S. No DRM was used, imposed, or created in the production of these
videos. :p


Devin Ulibarri // Outreach & Communications Coordinator
Free Software Foundation

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