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[Dragora-users] New website

From: Matías Fonzo
Subject: [Dragora-users] New website
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2023 22:15:51 -0300
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Hello everyone,

I have created a new website for dragora.org:

Previously a better website was on the way, where we created a repository for it at (e.g. https://notabug.org/dragora/dragora-website)[1]. Due to my own limitations in Web knowledge I have not managed to accomplish the pending things[2] on the site, unfortunately Michael Siegel (webmaster) is too busy to maintain it, where there is no guarantee for the future of the site. My idea was to publish it since a lot of work went into structuring this site, I have not found or considered it "ready" to upload or present it. I also don't know if someone will come in the future to take over the pending tasks of the structure of this site.

Therefore I have decided to make a simple website, with few pages and avoiding shell scripts that require maintenance, in order to focus on few pages and especially on the documentation. By the way, I will be uploading its structure showing the work in process of the dragora-handbook.

I want to thank Michael Siegel as well as the people who came to collaborate in the mentioned git repository. Clarify also that the intention here is not to remove anything from the work putted on it, if someone with more knowledge in web, comes, can and has the interest, all the files will be available in the same repository (perhaps in another branch).

[1] https://notabug.org/dragora/dragora-website/
[2] https://notabug.org/dragora/dragora-website/raw/master/TODO

Best regards,
Matías Fonzo

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