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[Dragora-users] Features useful for a better promotion of Dragora

From: Tiberiu
Subject: [Dragora-users] Features useful for a better promotion of Dragora
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2019 17:50:47 +0200
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I'm not sure this is the right list for what I'm asking. If not, I
apologize in advance and I'd be happy to move the thread on another
mailing list or another communication channel entirely.

I'd like Technoethical to promote more Dragora, especially since the
beta release of the new version is out. Congratulations, by the way!

To that end, Matías and I have identified these features as useful to
have in Dragora. The ordering is my own:

1. Live ISO to work with a multiboot GRUB setup for a USB flash drive
(like Trisquel [1] and other distributions)

2. ISO with source archives for all the software packages in Dragora (or
at least for all the ones pre-installed on the Live ISO)

3. ath9k and ath9k_htc drivers (along with the
"open-ath9k-htc-firmware") pre-installed, working out of the box for
freedom-respecting WiFi mPCIe cards and USB sticks

(4. Nice to have: desktop environment such as Trinity pre-installed in
the Live ISO)

I was wondering if we can help Matías with investigating or documenting
how to implement any of the features above.



menuentry "Try Trisquel without installing" {
        bootoptions="iso-scan/filename=$iso_path boot=casper splash
quiet noprompt --"
        linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz $bootoptions
        initrd (loop)/casper/initrd

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