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Re: [Dragora-users] Some issues with the Dragora website

From: Chris F.A. Johnson
Subject: Re: [Dragora-users] Some issues with the Dragora website
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:10:41 -0500 (EST)
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On Wed, 13 Nov 2019, Michael Siegel wrote:

Hello Chris.

Am 12.11.19 um 22:49 schrieb Chris F.A. Johnson:
?? The development version of the site is at https://dragora.cfaj.ca

?? Comments and suggestions are welcome.

It's nice to see someone is working on this. I like what you did there.

Now, if you look at the font-family settings for blockquote, ol and ul,
you'll see that they are different from the rest of the text. This
doesn't really make sense, does it? I mean, it surely breaks the site's
style, in a way, and doesn't exactly aid readability. I think both
font-family definitions should just be omitted. I've tried that and
think it really looks better.

   That is on the agenda .....done.

  (Remember, this is a work in progress, modifying the existing CSS

Concerning the colors, I would suggest to

 * make normal text (basically, everything that is not a link) slightly
   darker for better contrast

   I think it is dark enough, but I'll try it.

 * choose a less ?glowy? color for the box frames (Maybe the color for
   normal text would be a good choice.)

  Good idea.

 * keep links always underlined and blue/red/purple (except for special
   links, e.g., those in the navigation menu), maybe making slight
   adjustments to each color

  I don't like underlining links (except on :hover). I prefer to make
  them stand out with bold. I saw this on a site several years ago
  and liked it. It seems to be used fairly often these days.

I've tried a few things and found that #005500 would make for a better
readable text color without being too far removed from what you're using
now. The headings (h2, h3) were a bit heavy then. But this was easily
cured by simply making them #006600. Then, I used #005500 as the border
color for the content and navigation link boxes and reduced the border
width to 1px. After that, I removed any styling for normal links. And,
last but not least, I removed the directive for importing fonts from
Google because that's unnecessary, IMO, and I'd rather have the Dragora
website not use Google services in any capacity.

  Google is gone.

The result of all this can be seen at


Let's discuss.

   Chris F.A. Johnson                         <http://cfajohnson.com/>
   =========================== Author: ===============================
   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)
   Pro Bash Programming: Scripting the GNU/Linux shell (2009, Apress)

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