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[Dragora-users] darkcrusade 2019Sep24 (set of cross compilers)

From: Matías Fonzo
Subject: [Dragora-users] darkcrusade 2019Sep24 (set of cross compilers)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 18:14:53 -0300

I am pleased to announce the release of darkcrusade (2019Sep24).

Darkcrusade is the codename given to deploy a set of independent
cross compilers built upon on the standard C library Musl.  The full
toolchain is composed by GNU Binutils, GNU Linux-libre, GCC, and Musl.
Darkcrusade is ready to be used anywhere under general purposes.

The homepage is at http://www.dragora.org

The sources can be downloaded from
 or from
(please use this ^ second link which is a mirror).

This release contains the following changes:

Version 2019Sep24 released.

    * Binutils 2.32 + updates from 2_32-branch (version: 20190914).

    * Linux-libre 4.19.75 (headers).

    * GCC-9-20190921 (from snapshot, post gcc-9.2.0).

      - GMP 6.1.2.

      - MPFR 4.0.2 + cumulative patch (latest update: 2019-06-02).

      - MPC 1.1.0.

      - ISL 0.21.

    * Musl updated to the snapshot 20190913_f5eee489 (post musl-1.1.23).

    * Targets:


        - This soft float target has been renamed to 'armv7a_fp'.

        - The CPU name for the target triplet has been changed to be
          more generic (from armv7a to arm).


        - New target added.  This is almost the same target as
          'armv7a_fp' with the difference that this target is hard
          float, plus FPU 'vfpv3-d16'.


        - New target added.  This is a hard float target for the armv7-a
          architecture (hard float) but with the FPU tuned for 'neon'.


        - The option --enable-cld for the CLD instruction is now used by
          default (just in case).


        - Option for decimal support has been disabled here.


        - The option --with-abi=elfv2 is now passed by default (just in

        - The target name has been renamed to 'powerpc64le' for


        - New target added with multilib support.  This is a hard float
          target for the architecture 'rv64gc' with the ABI 'lp64d'.


        - Directory to look into the corresponding (kernel) headers for
          the architecture has been fixed. (s390x -> s390).

    * Toolchain:

      - Option for binutils --disable-separate-code is now given by
        default. See: http://www.openwall.com/lists/musl/2019/08/12/4

      - Patches for GCC has been updated to work against Musl, GCC-9.
        Thanks to Szabolcs Nagy for provide it.  :-)

      - config.sub and config.guess have been updated in order to
        detect more target triplets, for example those containing

    * Darkcrusade is now distributed using the tarlz format.  For more
      information, visit http://lzip.nongnu.org/tarlz.html

    * Minor changes.

The following (target) architectures are currently supported:

- aarch64: The 64-bit ARM architecture.
- armv7a_fp: ARM softfloat v7.
- armv7a_hf: ARM hardfloat v7 (FPU vfpv3-d16).
- armv7hl: ARM hardfloat v7 (FPU neon).
- i586: Intel 586 optimized for Intel 686+ processors.
- microblaze: Soft microprocessor core designed for Xilinx FPGAs
- mips: MIPS r4k big endian.
- powerpc: PowerPC32.
- powerpc: PowerPC64 (for Talos II systems).
- riscv64: "risk-five" (64-bit long and pointers, hard-float).
- s390x: z/Arch 64-bit.
- x32: x86_64 ABI using 32-bit integers, longs and pointers.
- x86_64: x86_64 (generic).

Please try and report any errors you find.

Best regards,
Matías Fonzo, darkcrusade author and maintainer.

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