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[Dragora-users] Dragora 3.0-alpha1

From: Matias Fonzo
Subject: [Dragora-users] Dragora 3.0-alpha1
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017 20:16:49 -0300

Dragora 3.0-alpha1 has been recently published, and it is available for
anyone to download and test.

Dragora is a reliable multi-purpose GNU/Linux distribution that is
founded on the concepts of simplicity and elegance.  Dragora respects
the freedom of users via the values of free software, and it provides
the tools and environment to have full control over your system.

The homepage is at:

- http://www.dragora.org

The current development pages are located at:

- http://git.savannah.nongnu.org/cgit/dragora.git/
- http://notabug.org/dragora/

Some highlights of this new Dragora 3.0 series are:

Dragora now utilizes the Musl C library, which provides many
optimizations and benefits over other C libraries.
Libraries and binaries are now optimized for size, and most binaries
are statically linked to avoid problems during updates.

The init system has been replaced by Sinit and Perp.  Sinit is a
minimal init system that acts as PID number 1, and Perp is a persistent
process supervisor that complements Sinit.  This system provides a
simple and reliable approach to init and process management.

The 3.0 series also includes a new package manager, Qi.  Qi provides
simple commands for building, installing, upgrading, inspecting, and
removing software packages.  Qi utilizes another tool, Graft, to keep
packages within a single directory hierarchy (/usr/pkg by default).

This alpha1 version of Dragora is available for x86 (32/64), and both
versions can be run as a live CD.  The alpha1 ISO provides an ethernet
connection and a simple working TWM desktop environment.

The ISO images may be fetched at:

- http://mirror.fsf.org/dragora/ISO/
- http://mirrors.peers.community/dragora/ISO/
- http://csphy.blue/dragora/mirror/ISO/

The sha256sums are:

- f3b0f1ef5d10e5d0b46ffaaa7f911e5206949ab7c9514e347187cb012445d178

- a9553009144cd74d9dc5b8abb9d80976bd3a4ce791d2965a5671a01ec45b05c5

We welcome feedback at our Freenode IRC channel, #dragora, and on our
mailing list.  We are looking for help with documentation, website
migration, bug fixing, etc...

Thank you to all of you who support Dragora, and thank you especially
for supporting the philosophy and spirit of software freedom that
Dragora aims to promote.

Happy New Year!,
Matías Fonzo, Dragora author and maintainer.

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