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Re: [Dragora-users] Log in problem in Dragora 2.2 on Tehnoetic T400

From: Sanjay Mysore
Subject: Re: [Dragora-users] Log in problem in Dragora 2.2 on Tehnoetic T400
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 17:53:26 +0530

Dear Frusen

These upgrades that you have provided has solved my wicd wireless network issues
Thank you very much

I have not installed the ath9k-htc-firmware-1.4.0-any-1.tlz. I think
this is not needed to be installed separately
Hope this is OK

On 31/10/2016, Lucas Sköldqvist <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm done rebuilding and the TET-N150 works on the x86_64 version.
> http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/frusen/kernel/kernel-firmware-4.4.27-i486-2.tlz
> http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/frusen/kernel/kernel-gen-4.4.27-i486-2.tlz
> http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/frusen/kernel/kernel-modules-gen-4.4.27-i486-2.tlz
> http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/frusen/kernel/kernel-firmware-4.4.27-x86_64-2.tlz
> http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/frusen/kernel/kernel-smp64-4.4.27-x86_64-2.tlz
> http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/frusen/kernel/kernel-modules-smp64-4.4.27-x86_64-2.tlz
> This package includes the actual firmware:
> http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/frusen/stable/ath9k-htc-firmware/ath9k-htc-firmware-1.4.0-any-1.tlz
> Please upgrade and give these a try!

With Best Regards
Sanjay. M.R

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